Introduced in 1894. A lovely back design that has been revived several times since being discontinued in 1943.

Cupid was first issued in what collectors usually call the Sod back (click on the link to the left below). The version pictured here is called Cross-Hatch in reference to the design between the bicycle wheels that replaced the grass seen on the earlier version. It is common in red and blue, but very rare in green or brown. Even single cards in the latter colors are not seen often.

The first image, below, shows the narrow version of Cupid issued in 1918 for pinochle compared to the standard back. I have never seen any complete decks of this narrow pinochle deck, although several back designs were shown as available in this size in the 1918 USPCC catalogue (see the New Fan back page for another example of this narrow back).

The second picture below shows a simplified red and gold version of Cupid released by USPCC in 1997. I have only seen this deck in red. It came in a cellophane wrapper without a box. A limited number were sold on eBay in the mid-2000s, but I haven't seen it offered since then, so this version of Cupid is probably relatively scarce. A similar deck was released more recently in gold with red and blue backgrounds. This new gold version more closely resembles the original Cupid back, with greater detail in the design, distinguishing it from the 1997 deck. See the second image, below. Cupid was also rereleased by USPCC as one of several decks in the Heritage series.

An EX/VG red US8c Cupid deck (no joker, no box) sold on eBay for $35 on May 17, 2017.

  21. Cupid - Sod                                            22. Cyclist No. 1  

Here is a comparison of the 1918 Cupid pinochle back design with the standard back

This variation of Cupid was released in 1997 without a box

One of a handful of recent Cupid releases